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Made in Germany


To ensure that every person regardless of age, education or country, can understand and invest in Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will become more relevant during the upcoming years as people understand financial freedom. For those reasons:

We are committed to educating the 99% who have not been exposed to Bitcoin on the coming digital currency era. Our goal is to offer a secure and honest platform for easy understanding and buying of cryptocurrencies. We are making the world of digital currencies accessible to everyone regardless of education, technical background, or country of residence. We are determined to provide the most comfortable platform for use of all.




Co-Founder & CTO

Disclosing soon


Nataliya Izvolskaya

UX/UI Specialist

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Financial Advisor

Abhishek Kunaparaju



Our company will only flourish for decades if its foundation is built on honesty and transparency.


We believe in open communication within and without the company.


We have the audacity to provide better and simpler products in an already large, company-dominated market.


Our passion for developing a tool for the masses to join and understand a revolutionary technology is endless.

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